A- Cask is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cask ale equipment, keg equipment and cellar supplies to the licensed trade and associated companies.

We are also the nominated supplier to many brewers and wholesalers.

A-Cask is committed to serving real ale and keg product in the very best condition to the Pub and Bar Industry, and we therefore produce high quality Auto-Tilts and Cellar Racking System’s.”

Quality Ale deserves quality equipment

Our products are designed with quality in mind, as well as time saving & economy. All products are purpose built to withstand the harsh atmosphere of the cellar environment. All autotilt racking systems are supplied either in kit form, or complete and ready to use, final bolting can be carried out in situ. Where cellar space is at a premium our racking system is ideal, especially when used in association with the Lift-A-Cask or Hoist-A-Cask.

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Heavy Duty Barrel Trucks

Barrel truck

Heavy Duty Barrel Truck

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Alternative Cooling Solutions

Ice Quilts

Ice Quilts, Saddles, Probes and Insulating Jackets

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Vertical Extraction

Extractor rod

Extractor rods & Broacher taps

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Beer Festival Racking

beer fest rack

Ideal for festivals and many other outdoor and indoor opportunities

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Cellar Drop Mats

Cellar Drop Mat

Cellar Drop Mats Available in 2 sizes: 900mm x 900mm x 300mm & 1000mm x 1000mm x 300mm Keg and Cask drop mats for your cellar!

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Auto Tilts Special offer 25% off

Auto Tilt

“Pull the perfect pint every time when using A- Cask `s Auto Tilt"

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Cellar Racking Systems

2 over 2 paint

A-Cask racking systems save you valuable cellar space.

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A-Cask Lift

Lifting system for use in any cellar - Cellar Equipment Specialists

“The A-Cask Lift is a manual lifting system for use in any cellar or cask storage area”

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Pull the perfect pint every time – when using a FILT-A-CASK©

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Piped Cooling Jackets (CASK)

Piped Cooling Jacket

“Keep your cool and pull the perfect pint using A-CASK Unique Cooling Jackets”

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